I am a B Present Studio member. How do I redeem my discount?

Please use the promo code BPMEMBER at checkout.

Do I have to attend classes at B Present Studio to do the 21 Day Transformation?

No, the 21 Day Transformation is open to everyone!

I will be out of town during the 21 Day Transformation, can I still join?

Yes! This program is not a diet—it’s a lifestyle. Real life includes vacation, work travel, and meetings away from your home. You will be coached on how to make healthy choices as you navigate these situations. The program will also help to hold you accountable before and after your time away which tends to be a tricky time for making healthy choices.

Can I do the 21 Day Transformation more than once?

Yes, we have many challengers who say their second, third, or fourth round helped to solidify habits they created in their first round. One of the benefits of doing more than one round is that you will receive a new set of recipes. All meals plans are interchangeable and can be used together. If this is not your first round, register for a meal plan that is new to you.

What meal plan do you recommend?
All meal plans are full of delicious recipes and contain a balanced mix of varying cuisines. If you are brand new to the program, we recommend our most recent meal plan, Peace Edition. If you follow a Gluten-Free or Dairy-Free diet, we recommend the Peace or Patience Edition. If you follow a Vegetarian, Vegan, or Paleo diet, we recommend the Patience Edition.
Will I have to buy expensive groceries?

You may be exposed to some new grocery items but you will not be required to buy all sorts of crazy groceries! The meal plan recipes are designed to include familiar foods and call for easy-to-find ingredients. Most challengers report saving money on groceries due to focused meal planning and eating at home more frequently.

I have picky eaters in my family. Will they like the recipes?

The meal plans are customizable and include a variety of foods to appeal to all tastes. The plans feature American, Italian, Mexican, and Asian cuisines. You will be able to pick the recipes that appeal to your family. We often receive rave reviews from challengers with picky eaters.

Are the recipes hard to cook?

The recipes are designed to be easy to cook. They are created with a busy schedule in mind. All meal plans include some crockpot recipes and give a few ‘leftover recipes’ to help you use your leftovers creatively and save time in the kitchen.

Do I have to attend meetings in person?

The program is web-based so it can be done on your own time. When it is convenient for you, you can interact in the accountability group and post questions for the wellness coach.

I’m single. Can I do the program?

Absolutely. The breakfast and lunch recipe servings are set up to serve one. Dinner recipes are set up to serve four. The dinner recipes can easily be divided in half making them more accessible for one. You can use the second serving for lunch or dinner the following day. Many singles love taking part in the program.

I’m pregnant. Is this meal plan safe to do?

This is a great plan to follow while pregnant because it does not exclude any of the food groups. It also allows you the flexibility to choose what your body is telling you it needs as opposed  to sticking to a strict outline. Specific instructions on how to modify for pregnancy are included in the program guide. We always recommend discussing dietary changes and food intake with your doctor.

I’m breastfeeding. Is this meal plan safe to do?

Yes, this is a great plan to follow while breastfeeding because it doesn’t exclude any of the food groups and allows you to choose what meals appeal to you. If you are avoiding certain food groups while breastfeeding—like dairy, for example—you can choose one of our plans that caters specifically to your needs. Specific instructions on how to modify for breastfeeding are included in the program guide. We always recommend discussing dietary changes and food intake with your doctor.

I’m an athlete. Is this meal plan safe for me to do?

Yes, this meal plan is safe for athletes. We consider an athlete someone who is taking part in very intense exercise, high cardio, or working out more than an hour each day. Specific instructions on how to modify for athletes are included in the program guide.

I’m following a specific diet (gluten-free, dairy-free, paleo, vegetarian, vegan). Can I do the program?

Yes, you can. If you are following a specific diet, you will want to sign-up for one of our meals plans that are compliant with your food lifestyle. You will find this in the description of each plan.

Most of our recipes are naturally gluten-free or easily modifiable. (Ex: If a recipe calls for ‘recommended bread,’ choose one of our gluten-free bread options in the Grocery Shopping Guide.) Many of our recipes can be easily modified to a dairy-free lifestyle by simply omitting the cheese. You will find specific tips for a gluten-free and dairy-free lifestyle in the program guide.

How do I join the accountability group?

When you sign up, you will automatically be put into the next available accountability group. The accountability group opens three days prior to the program start date. To be added to the group, please friend Gina Schade on Facebook.

How do I access the Barre On Demand classes?

Once you’ve purchased your 21 Day Transformation, email [email protected] for your promo code. Once you have your promo code, follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit www.barreondemand.com
  3. Select title of class you would like to take (example Barre Blast w/Tammy)
  4. Click Rent Video in Upper Right Hand Corner of Video
  5. Log into Vimeo if you already have an account or click create account which takes 30 seconds.
  6. Enter promo code after creating account
Barre on Demand Step One
Barre on Demand Step Two
Barre on Demand Step Three