“The 21 Day Transformation has changed so much for me. I feel better physically, and I mentally feel better about myself. I have enjoyed doing this program with my family vs. doing my own thing, which I have done a dozen or more times in the past. My husband and I have been able to follow the meal plan and an exercise plan together consistently for the first time in my life. Since starting this program, I have lost 13.1 lbs. and 4 inches around my waist. Thank you Gina for sharing your knowledge of nutrition, delicious meals, and constant encouragement. It’s safe to say, I am a VERY HAPPY CUSTOMER!”Angie
“I have struggled for years with my diet and weight, and have finally found something that works! The 21DT has been a game-changer for me. I have absolutely loved all the recipes! (My husband has too!) I have learned what appropriate portion sizes are, the amount of water I need per day, why healthy fats are necessary, and how important meal planning is to being successful. I have worked hard the past 21 days and feel very confident that I can continue this lifestyle in the years to come! OH, and I lost 7 pounds, 2.5 inches around my hips, and 1.5 inches around my waist!!! Progress over perfection!” Ashley
Thanks Gina Schade for changing my outlook on food. I’ve done it all from Whole 30 to the 21 Day Fix to eating only organic foods. I tend to make things complicated and then I get overwhelmed and quit. This plan uncomplicated everything for me, helped me drop almost eight pounds, and somehow made my grocery bill go down, too. I loved the first round so much that I did a second round. I enjoyed the second round just as much as the first—it helped me to really master lifelong eating goals and habits that I began in the first round. Thank you, thank you!Ashley
“Like a lot of people, I’ve tried several different diets only to eventually gain back the weight I lost and more in the months following. I tried the 21 Day Transformation Challenge on a whim hoping to shed a pesky 10 pounds. During the 3 weeks, I lost 8 pounds. In the months proceeding the challenge I continued to lose more weight and then was able to maintain my weight loss effortlessly. Obviously I was happy with the weight loss, but I was even happier with how I felt. I had more energy, my skin was more clear and I was no longer bloated. The challenge is not a ‘diet,’ its a collection of simple lifestyle changes that become habit by the end of the 21 days. Plus the food is awesome. The variety is great, the recipes are easy and family friendly (even for finicky toddlers). If you’re tired of dieting and want to change your health for the better while not being deprived of anything, this challenge is for you.”A Happy Customer
“This was my second 21 Day Transformation, as I wanted to continue to build on the knowledge that I gained from the first round. After my first round, I loved the changes that I had made and LOVED how I felt. The second round built on the foundation that was started in the first round and gave me the security that I needed to take what I have learned and apply it to ‘real life.’ I got so tired of always falling back to my old, unhealthy ways and this program finally taught me WHY to choose healthy ingredients, WHY my body needs water, WHY planning and preparation is so important, and how I can make healthy, delicious meals for my entire family. This has truly changed my life and I can’t thank Gina and B Present enough! You all do amazing things for people! I am so thankful for all of you!”Katie
“I am happy to report that since starting the 21 Day Transformation, I haven’t had a Diet Coke in three weeks, have completely cut processed foods from my diet, and have lost 8 lbs! I have a vacation and a work trip coming up, and although I am nervous about keeping up my new habits, I am confident I will be much more mindful about what I put into my body. Progress, not perfection! Thank you Gina!”Jenny
“I am so thankful I joined the 21 Day Transformation. With PCOS, losing weight has been a bigger issue than it should be at my age. I am finally seeing weight come AND STAY off, and am feeling more like myself. The program has brought me so much joy! It has also become easier to make healthy decisions. I will definitely be telling other people who are struggling with a similar issue to take the plunge with this program. Everyone should take part in this simply for their own confidence! It has also helped to decrease my anxiety. Thank you to all the women in the accountability group for your support and to Gina for the endless inspiration and knowledge.”Carley
“I joined the 21DT because I want to be healthy. I loved this program because there are many different recipes for each meal, they use real food, and all the planning was done for me—I just had to choose which meals would work best for my family! I loved that my whole family was excited about the dinners I made, and that they were eating healthier meals than they ever had before. I lost more than 13 pounds and 3 inches around my waist, and I feel great! I have learned so much about food that I never knew before, and I highly recommend this program to anyone wanting to make healthier choices.”Julie
“First and foremost, B Present did a FANTASTIC job putting this program together. It was comprehensive and flexible, the food was really good, and the lists for restaurant meal suggestions, emergency frozen dinners, and grocery products really sets you up for success. It is very clear a TON of work went into developing this program, and it is well worth the participation price—you are getting an extraordinary value. The e-book contains a treasure trove of information. I will continue to use the recipes forever. I plan to continue the program for another month on my own—I genuinely enjoyed it!”Bridget