The 21 Day Transformation is a balanced approach to healthy living. It is a complete program designed to help you make positive food lifestyle changes in a way that is maintainable and sustainable forever. No fad diets, gimmicks, or starvation here—just real food, real people, and real results.


Real Results

  • Healthy, balanced food choices
  • Improved meal planning
  • More cooking at home
  • Less money spent on groceries
  • Weight loss
  • Inches lost
  • More energy
  • Less fatigue
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced sugar intake
  • Elimination of artificial ingredients
  • Gained nutrition knowledge
  • More confidence

More Than Just a Meal Plan

21 Day Transformation is a complete program jam-packed with goodies that will help you sustain a healthy lifestyle.

65 Handcrafted Recipes

The recipes are created right in the heart of Gina’s home—her kitchen. All recipes are designed to be family-friendly, easy enough for weeknight cooking, and doable for all skill levels. You will find a variety of delicious cuisine including American, Italian, Mexican, and Asian. All recipes call for easy-to-find ingredients and will quickly become staples in your home.

Grocery Shopping Guide

The Grocery Shopping Guide will provide you with the guidelines we use to select products as well as brands we recommend for varying grocery categories like dressings, yogurts, pasta sauces, and more. This guide will be instrumental in helping you improve the quality of products you purchase.

Dining Out Guide

The Dining Out Guide will help you make healthy choices when you are eating outside of your home. There are general guidelines as well as more specific meal suggestions for multiple restaurants at varying price points.

Online Accountability Group

The online accountability group is one of the most-loved aspects of the program. A 21 Day Transformation Wellness Coach will lead the group, share information with you daily, answer your questions, inspire you, and support you. You will be able to connect with the other participants on a deeper level and learn from one another. Having a team of supportive people with like-minded goals behind you is crucial to making positive change.

Barre On Demand

You will have 21 days of unlimited access to B Present Studio’s Barre On Demand online exercise classes. There are varying class types to match all fitness levels. Classes are high-energy, fun, and effective. If you are new to B Present Studio’s Barre On Demand, your wellness coach can help you select a class that is appropriate for your fitness level.

Results Tracker, Meal Planner, and Exercise Log

The Results Tracker will help you assess many facets of your life including sleep, energy level, mood, food choices, physical health, and more. This tool will be pivotal in helping you see how a healthy food lifestyle can positively effect all areas of your life. The Meal Planner and Exercise Log provides you with the necessary framework to customize the program to your needs and taste preferences.

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